Krystallize Technologies recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in Cloud Management 2015.

CloudQoS™ from Krystallize: 在云计算成功的定义

不管是推荐, 处理, 购买或者是供应服务, 你需要Krystallize. 因为它能够显示现时的操作负荷和持续地行量作业的质素.

Whether you recommend, manage, purchase or provide hosting services, you need Krystallize because it gives you the ability to capture actual workload demand and continuously measure how well it is met by any platform.

我们做什么 What We Do
Krystallize CloudQoS™ Provides Actual Quality of Service (QoS)

Making cloud and hosting platform decisions can be difficult. First there’s matching your application profile to providers’ processing and storage specifications. Is it enough? Then there’s pricing. Am I overpaying? And after the decision is made there’s always the question: Am I getting the service levels I’m paying for?

Krystallize CloudQoS™ delivers unique insights and visibility into the performance of your cloud-based or hosted environment. Sitting in the space between your application and the platform supporting it, CloudQoS monitors and reports the actual QoS being delivered.

我们怎么做 How We Do It
Using innovative and proprietary technology that combines conventional metrics to produce outcome-based performance measurements.

Krystallize CloudQoS™:

Indexes and provides a benchmark of performance across any number of cloud services including public, private or hybrid cloud

  • Captures actual workload demand and continuously measures how well it is met by any platform
  • Provides new visibility into the performance of your own hosting environment
  • Uniquely captures application profiles so you can test, monitor and compare performance across services
  • Identifies the best price/performance for any given workload
  • Continuously monitors against the benchmark ensuring predictable quality of service over time and even across platforms
  • Monitors post change performance against the pre-change baseline to ensure service consistency

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Features and Benefits
Krystallize CloudQoS可以模拟在云环境中工作负载,让您了解云计算的真实情况需求,对决定使用云计算和托管的需求咸少压力

Krystallize CloudQoS can simulate workloads in a cloud environment, giving you a true picture of your cloud computing needs and taking the stress out of making cloud and hosting decisions


Graphical interface generates actual performance measures and outlines bottlenecks and deficiencies to be used in capacity planning, service planning, and service performance management.

行量和分类 跨越80+计算,内存,存储和网络的指标数据

Measures and classifies data across 80+ compute, memory, storage and network metrics.

Krystallize CloudQoS™指数创建了长期应用程序一个性能底线以确保服务质量(QoS)

The Krystallize CloudQoS™ Index creates a performance baseline and measures against it to ensure quality of service (QoS) for the life of the application.


Can measure across public, private and hybrid cloud and monitor QoS over time.


Ensures your cloud services are running within normalized specs, and if not, helps to determine when to prune machines, change platforms and what the best value will be for your needs.


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Krystallize CloudQos怎样能帮你?

How can Krystallize CloudQos help you?

  • 展示IT运营的掌握,成本(ROI)和服务质量
    Demonstrate mastery of IT operations, costs (ROI) and quality of service
  • 提供云观整体健康和托管服务(OI)
    Delivers view of overall heath of cloud and hosting services (OI)
  • 坚持服务产品中的竞争能力和成本
    Maintains competitive capability and costs within service offerings

  • 制定基准云计算和托管功能
    Develop baseline cloud and hosting capabilities
  • ITIL流程中支持云计算和托管功能的QoS措施
    Support cloud and hosting capability QoS measures within ITIL processes
  • 优化客户的工作负载安置最佳的资源利用率
    Optimize client workload placement for best resource utilization

  • 捕获应用程序工作负载的要求
    Capture application workload requirements
  • 简化应用程序工作负载的匹配云或托管功能
    Simplify the matching of application workload with cloud or hosting capabilities
  • 确认云计算和托管功能的
    Confirm cloud and hosting capabilities QoS


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